Paper Bird Hot Desk Fellowship



Congratulations to Catherine Carvell for being the successful applicant for the Fellowship April-July 2017. Catherine is a children's book writer.  Fremantle Press published her book "Darcy Moon and the Deep Fried Frogs" and she is now working on a sequel.  We look forward to supporting her in this endeavour during this Fellowship.  

Farewell to our first Fellow (Jan-April), Briony Stewart, who successfully completed the illustrations for her latest picture book which we look forward to launching later in the year.  

The Paper Bird Hot Desk Fellowship (PBF) was launched on the eve of Paper Bird’s first anniversary, February 2017, in the historic Moores Building in Fremantle’s West End.  Paper Bird seeks to provide every day access to the best quality children’s literature and story telling.


Paper Bird Children’s Books & Arts aims to promote Western Australian children’s writers & illustrators (with a particular focus on indigenous literature and stories), and forge partnerships with local industry and community groups to get more books in the hands of children.


In partnership with the Australia West Branch of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI), the Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) WA Branch, and the City of Fremantle Library, PBF will offer 4 children’s writers and / or illustrators in 2017 the opportunity to have a dedicated workspace for a 3 month period, 2 days/week.


This partnership will encourage children and young people to explore literature and create their own stories through interaction with creative local writers and illustrators.  Paper Bird has established PBF to offer writers and illustrators (Fellows) a dedicated workspace and support. 


Fellows will be able to enjoy working in a large, light-filled heritage studio behind a thriving, specialist children’s bookshop and writers/arts centre, with access to networking and support from the other permanent residents and literary visitors of Paper Bird.


As part of the PBF our writers and illustrators will have the opportunity to present their work to the public in “Meet the writer / illustrator” sessions.


It is hoped that more West Australian children’s writers and illustrators will be supported to achieve completion of their creative works, publication with the best publishing houses, and for children to have the experience of witnessing the creation of books in their local bookshop.


Paper Bird is currently setting up a Foundation to facilitate the support of community projects, such as this, with children’s literary and storytelling focus.


Paper Bird Hot Desk Fellowship


Application Procedure


‘Expressions of interest’ for the Paper Bird Fellowship (PBF) are made by email (subject title: “PBF expression of interest”).


Terms and benefits of PBF:


·      Use of private studio space at Paper Bird for 3 month period, 2 days / week, on Mondays and Thursdays. 

·      Easy access to the Paper Bird Bookshop for inspiration, with resident discount of 15% for purchases.

·      Contact with the other permanent resident writers and illustrators of Paper Bird for collegial support.

·      Free wireless access.

·      Close proximity to central Fremantle and the benefits of being a part of the Moores Building Arts Precinct.

·      Public exposure and promotion, including identification in the bookshop as the current resident and display of any publications, and a “Meet the Writer / Illustrator” public session.  Also, promotion by all 4 partners of the program via their social media, website and print media.

·      Orientation with partnering groups (SBWI, CBCA, City of Fremantle Library & Paper Bird) to access support and resources available through these services, once a member.

·      All Paper Bird residents must respect each other’s private workspace and common use areas, such as the foyer, bathroom and kitchen. 

·      Security in the building must be maintained by always locking external doors (other than the bookshop) and the side gate. 

·      Any damages to property must be reported immediately to the proprietor (Jennifer Jackson).

·      Valuable belongings should not be kept at Paper Bird unattended as studios cannot be locked internally due to fire safety requirements.  


Selection Criteria:


·      Identify yourself as a writer and/or illustrator of children’s literature.

·      Ideally suited to someone who is in need of a focused period to work on the completion of a project, such as completion of work for submission to a publisher.

·      Seek to attain publication of work.

·      Agree to present work during residency in a “Meet the Writer / Illustrator” session. 

·      Agree to be a guest storyteller in a Paper Bird Story Time session with the assistance of the Story Time Facilitator.




Paper Bird Hot Desk Fellowship




Chair:              Jennifer Jackson

                        Director of Paper Bird Children’s Books & Arts


Committee Members:


                        Margaret Kett

                        Children & Young People Librarian

                        City of Fremantle Library


                        Jan Nicholls and Aniek Ragan

                        Representatives of The Children’s Book Council of Australia

                        Western Australia Branch


                        James Foley

Representative of The Society of Children’s Book Writers and   Illustrators, Australia West Branch


Committee Meetings:


Committee members to meet face to face or via phone or email each term cycle to consider new expressions of interest from applicants and planning. 



Jennifer Jackson, Director of Paper Bird, Children’s Books & Arts


 Jennifer Jackson is the director of Paper Bird Children’s Books & Arts in Fremantle.  This is a children’s bookshop and arts space, established in 2016, with writers & illustrators studios, a gallery and a program of storytelling, workshops for kids in story making in all forms, along with kids book clubs.   Jennifer is also a child psychoanalytic psychotherapist who has worked in child mental health services with a special interest in trauma and infant mental health.


Having worked in London, Perth and Melbourne and an avid visitor and supporter of children's literature and arts centres across the world, she has collected her ideas, vision and enthusiasm to create a story house for children in Fremantle where there is a wealth of local children's writers, illustrators and story tellers.


Margaret Kett – City of Fremantle



Margaret Robson Kett is the Librarian Children and Young People for the City of Fremantle, and this year celebrates her 40th year bringing families and stories together. She has worked in libraries in cities and regional centres in Victoria, Western Australia and the United States, and most recently for the State Library of WA’s Better Beginnings Family Literacy Program. For the past twenty years she has been an invited reviewer and speaker on children’s books. The Paper Bird Fellowship offers a wonderful opportunity for the children and families of Fremantle to engage with works-in-progress, and Margaret is excited to be part of it.


Jan Nichols and Aniek Ragan, WA Branch of CBCA




The WA Branch is delighted to support Paper Bird through the Hot Desk Fellowship initiative and looks forward to a productive and creative partnership.


Two members from the WA Branch committee have been selected as representatives on the Hot Desk Fellowship panel – Aniek Ragan and Jan Nicholls. Both are Past Presidents of the WA Branch and between them they have extensive experience in school and public libraries.


The WA Branch of the Children’s Book Council of Australia is a not-for-profit, volunteer-run group that aims to “engage the community with literature for young Australians”. As well as supporting the CBCA National Board in promoting the CBCA Book of the Year Award and Children’s Book Week each August, the WA Branch supports WA authors, illustrators and publishers with events such as A Night With Our Stars and by administering a generous grants program which funds author/illustrator visits to schools and public libraries all over the state. A new generation of young writers and artists is encouraged through our Make Your Own Story Book competition, which is now in its 40th year of operation.


Further details of our annual program may be found at our website:



James Foley – Australia West Branch of SCBWI


James Foley is a children’s author and illustrator. His books include Brobot (2016), My Dead Bunny (2015), In The Lion (2012), The Amity Kids Adventures (2013), The Last Viking (2011) and The Last Viking Returns (2014). My Dead Bunny was shortlisted for Picture Book of the Year in the 2016 Children’s Book Council of Australia Awards. In The Lion was selected for the International Youth Library’s 2013 White Raven list. The Last Viking won the 2012 Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators’ Crystal Kite Award, the 2012 WA Young Readers’ Hoffman Award, and a 2012 Children’s Book Council of Australia Junior Judges Award. It was shortlisted for a further four awards.


James is the Regional Advisor for SCBWI Australia West. He is also an ambassador for Books In Homes and Room To Read, and a judge for the Shaun Tan Award for Young Artists. His interests include comics, film, psychology, science, history (anything nerdy really), as well as yoga and social justice.


Founded in 1971 by a group of Los Angeles-based children's writers, the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators is a non-profit organization that is one of the largest existing organizations for writers and illustrators. It is the only professional organization specifically for those individuals writing and illustrating for children and young adults in the fields of children’s literature, magazines, film, television and multimedia. Several of the most prestigious children’s literature professionals sit on the SCBWI Board of Advisors.


The SCBWI acts as a network for the exchange of knowledge between writers, illustrators, editors, publishers, agents, librarians, educators, booksellers and others involved with literature for young people. As a unified body, the SCBWI acts as a powerful force to effect important changes within the field of children's literature, promoting new copyright legislation, equitable treatment of authors and artists and fair contract terms. 


There are currently more than 22,000 members worldwide, in over 70 regional chapters writing and illustrating in all genres for young readers, making it the largest children's writing organization in the world.


The SCBWI gives its members exclusive access to the world of children's publishing.